World Camp 2003. Contents of the Seminar October 22 - October 26, 2003


I. The shape of the universe

1. The universe is a limitless circle with a limitless radius

2. The universe is formed from infinitely small particles

3. The universe is constantly changing and its movements never cease even for an instant


II. Four major principles to unify mind and body

1. Keep one point

2. Relax completely

3. Keep weight underside

4. Extend Ki


III. Five Principles for Ki testing

1. Not a test of strength but a test to know the state of the mind

2. Give instruction appropriate to the level of the student

3. Test in order to teach, not in order to contest

4. Learn by testing others

5. The test merely points the way and is not an end in itself


IV. Five Principles for Ki Meditation

1. A posture of holding on, grasping

2. A posture of letting go, releasing

3. A posture of harmony

4. A posture wherein you can feel every existence in the universe

5. A posture wherein you can feel the movement of the Ki of the universe


V. Five Principles for Ki Breathing

1. Breathe out with the sound of HA, don't let your breath just leak out

2. Breathe out as calmly and quietly as possible

3. Breathe out the Ki of your head to the Ki of your toes

4. Breathe in from the top of your nose until your body is full of air

5. Calm your mind infinitely smaller at the one point after inhaling


Vl. Five Principles for Ki Exercises

1. A posture with your one point as the center

2. A posture in which Ki is extending

3. A posture that is natural and relaxed

4. A posture in which you forget your muscles

5. A posture which you feel rhythm


VII. Five Principles of Kiatsu Ryoho

1. Extend Ki from the one point in the lower abdomen

2. Do not put any strength or tension in the body

3. Press perpendicularly toward the center so as not to damage the tissue

4. Concentrate Ki infinitely smaller at the fingertips

5. Think of lines instead of points


VIII. Five Principles of Aikido with mind and body unification

1. Ki is extending

2. Know your opponent's Ki

3. Respect your opponent's Ki

4. Put yourself in your opponent`s place

5. Perform with confidence


IX. Five principles of the sword with Ki

1. Hold the sword lightly

2. The tip of the sword must be calm and steady

3. Make use of the weight of the sword

4. Do not slacken your Ki

5. Cut first with the mind


X. Five principled of holding the jo with Ki

1. Hold the jo lightly

2. The rear hand is important

3. Manipulate the jo freely

4. When changing the hands, one hand must be always holding the jo

5. The line traced by the jo is never broken


XI. Five Principles for studying Ki

1. Be receptive and open-minded

2. Continue practice Ki principle until you master Ki

3. Apply Ki principle in your daily life

4. Change your subconscious mind in the positive way

5. Study to teach others





Koichi Tohei KI SAYINGS (english)

Koichi Tohei Oneness Rhythm Exercise (english)





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